Investment for the digital economy

Sonata Capital Ltd is a fund manager incorporated and registered in the Labuan International Business & Financial Centre, to invest in companies successfully exploiting the vast opportunities of the digital economy.

Sonata Capital was launched from Blockchain Labs Asia, a leader in the commercial application of blockchain technologies. Blockchain Labs Asia is the world leader in the creation and issuance of digital securities, with a total value issued in excess of USD 27 billion.

100% of the equity in our funds have been tokenised, and will be listed on digital securities exchanges in Labuan and elsewhere. Our tokens are regulatory compliant, and are issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Digital Economy

The increasingly widespread adoption of blockchain and other digital technologies is spawning a new and rapidly growing business and financial ecosystem, some of which is a progression of legacy systems, but much of which is entirely new. The digital economy offers significant opportunities in optimising processes and production, reducing transaction costs, and transforming supply chains. The digital economy is worth USD3 trillion today.

A Growth Engine

The digital economy grew 4.3 times faster than the US economy overall from 1997 to 2017, yet still only represented 6.9% of GDP in 2017. The emphasis has shifted from hardware, which is now only 7% of the digital economy, to e-commerce, digital media, and digital assets. Growth is set to accelerate over the next 3 years, as digital securities overtake digital currencies in market value and adoption.

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