Ethereum Mass Adoption

Ethereum Mass Adoption

Even though nothing can be said regarding the future prospect of Ethereum, but several indicators reveal this crypto coin is likely to garner substantial traction in an upcoming future.

The historic surge in the ether prices in the last few months has grabbed the attention of many crypto enthusiasts. Despite the massive surge in ether prices, skepticism amongst the peoples persists regarding the massive adoption of Ethereum. Many people are wondering whether this crypto coin is viable for large-scale adoption. The hype surrounding Ethereum was extremely high during its peak and even recently have made some people nervous about it. On the other hand that trend quickly fell after a series.

 A round raised by one major venture capital firm from well known names like Bancor Foundation and TenX Capital Fund. 

That’s because despite tokenizing both bitcoin as well ETH on more secure exchanges due blockchain network security concerns which led to panic selling at times, Ether price were slowly recovering towards initial losses reaching around USD20 per ETH worthless ICOs or $800 million overall funding rounds since 2012. In terms of my personal opinion there still seems no evidence these cryptos will reach masses anytime soon.

Some crypto experts are of the view that Ethereum can currently process 20 transactions per second which make it set apart from other crypto coins. But it is nowhere comparable with the traditional payment processing system Visa Card that can process 24,000 transactions per second.

Another argument that sounds a bit disappointing for the Ethereum user is that it requires technical expertise to configure an Ether wallet. The best answer would be using BlockApps like Ledger and sending their own transaction reports (TxStats), rather than being tied down by manually configuring Bitcoin addresses through Coinomi or similar software. At least as I understand it people will get better access to all this information while still retaining control over funds via cryptocurrency wallets!

Mainstream Applications

Since the advent of the Internet, it didn’t receive significant traction from the users till the Tim-Berner-Lee developed Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and it gains more popularity when search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing comes into the picture. The same is the case for Ethereum cryptocurrency.

In early 2017, all the Blockchain-driven startups offer an Initial Coin Offering to address their financial constraint. From there on, every singly crypto startup somewhere around the world is issuing tokens to raise capital to fund their idea.

In this scenario, seasoned investors see some sort of similarity between the bullish sentiment of the market toward the crypto ICOs and the dot-com bubble that exploded in 2011. And they can be certain about one thing: These funds will probably fail miserably because most altcoins are designed with high liquidity requirements which makes them prone “crashing” at any moment even though holders hold a large amount by fiat or other means.

 ‘Bubble’ vs Crypto Trading? Here’s What Both Proves About How Much To Think Of For A Bitcoin Derivatives Fundor—And Not So… Read More, was also built upon so much hype regarding BTC/USD exchange value as evidenced from recent chart performances such bitcoin XBT closed up only 1% higher last week due not just volume but investor buying power rather than holding.

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